iPad Set Up – Step 3: Organizing your apps

Step 3: Organize your apps

Just like your desk, if you want to be able to find things and use them it needs to be organized. If your goal is  to teach the user independent navigation to his/her apps, or perhaps you just want to be easily find the apps you use the most, the best way to do this – simplify! And hide the icons that you don’t want to be easily accessed.

Organize the screen

The dock bar on the bottom is a good place to put apps you want to be able to quickly access from any page. We often put  the AAC or schedule there, as well as preferred items such a music.

We put apps we’d prefer the individual doesn’t access on the second or even the third page in a folder. There is currently no way to currently lock icons or folders to prevent access.

When you drag icons to a blank screen it creates a new page. We often organize a page by topic such as games or books.

*Tip – An easy way to move several icons to another page is to move a few to the dock, then scroll to the new page and put them on that page. 

Organize Folders

The other great organization tip is to create folders.  Just drag one icon on top of another – a folder will be created and you will be able to change the folder name.

*FYI -Folders can only have 20 icons. If you try to put more in they will bounce out.

Now that you have everything organized you may have hid something and now even you can’t find it! Scroll to the far left and you will be able to search the iPad.

Here’s how we set up one of ours. See how the needed icons are on the bottom dock. The first page (left) has folders that the student uses. The second page (right) has folders for the adults and ones the student uses less often.

Happy organizing!


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