Add Google Images to the Photo Library

Looking for clear photos to use for personalizing apps?

Have an iPad 1 without a camera?

Don’t have time to take a bunch of great pics?

Adding photos through Google Images can be a fast and easy way to do this. Here’s the 8 simple steps:

  1. open Safari on your iPad
  2. use the top right corner to search Google. For this project we searched ‘boy’.
  3. under the search bar ‘everything’ will be in red.  Tap ‘images’
  4. modify your search using the tools (wrench icon).
  5. tap on a tool to bring up search criteria. These show up as grey boxes under ‘images’. Select and try out different criteria to narrow your search and find more of what you are looking for.
  6. once you’ve found an image, tap on the one  you want. A new screen will open
  7. put your finger on the image and hold it down until the pop up appears, then let go.
  8. select ‘save image’ to save it to you photo library

That’s it. Now you can add your photo to your favourite app.

Happy searching,

P.S. Some tools that we used 

Image – for the boy picture we needed something without a background so we choose ‘clip art’. These are likely going to be drawings or cartoons.

Size – if you need  the image to fill the screen choose medium or large.


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