May – apps we love 2

Our first edition is a double edition so here is a second set of apps we’ve been talking about and recommending.

My Twinkle Colours free

With music and sparkle as you colour, this is a great app for gaining interest in colouring. There are 12 colours and each has 2 sizes of tips, markers or pencil crayons. There is also an eraser and stickers (when you tap the bottom star). As you colour the stars twinkle where your finger is (in the screen shot my finger was on the top right of the yellow apple). This may be a direction for some users, but for many it’s great to encourage attending.

A nice feature for early learners is that when you tap on a crayon to select the colour, the colour is verbally labeled.

It comes with 18 colouring pages, 9 blank pages with coloured backgrounds and four Christmas pages. When you flip through the pages there are in-app purchases for sketch packs each with 27 more pages ($0.99 per pack).

And yes, you can mute the music 🙂

Little Finder free

If you are looking to generalize apps or increase fluency then this little app is a piece of gold. Use the settings to change the field from a FO4 (2×2) all the way up to a FO56 (7×8)!

The game can be played for 1-2 minutes or you can change the settings to ‘zen mode’ for free play with no ending.

In the settings you can also ‘customize’ and turn on/off any targets in any of the three categories: animals, food or my home. Alternately you can choose to play the game with only one or two of these categories.

One last nice feature is that there is a two player mode so this game can also become a fun peer play activity.

Chuck & Friends free

This book first caught my eye because Hasbro has an amazing introduction that plays like a movie preview! The book’s graphics are also brilliant and engaging. There’s a little video clip and games to entice the reader as well.

The app comes with one book. There are 2 more available for $3.99 each or both in a bundle for $5.99 Ruckus has quite a few other titles but this one is our favourite since we have boys who love cars.

As our book #2 of the month, we hope you enjoy it too.

For the Grown Ups: Pages $9.99

As you may have noticed, we are a bit fanatical about finding free or inexpensive apps. So for this reason I avoided Pages for some time. I read a lot of the criticism so I tried all the free/inexpensive similar apps I could find. And while many of them were OK, that’s all they were. I was heading on a trip and while away needed to create some poster flyers. So I broke down and tried Pages. Not only did it do everything I needed but it worked so painlessly and perfectly I fell in love 🙂

So yes it makes beautiful documents. With the new iPad you can use dictation or the keyboard. If you have iCloud set up you can use it for notes and access them through your iCloud anywhere – perfect for therapy session notes.

I can’t possibly go through features in this brief overview,  but let’s just say if you are looking for a word processor that can do everything you can imagine, you’ll need to get off the iPad and back on your computer. But if you want something simple and easy to use that can handle everyday tasks, then Pages is your app.

That’s all for May

If you’d like to know about an app, leave us a comment and we may include it next month’s list. You can also use one of your app recommendations (from one of our packages) and we’ll check it out for you.
We’d also love to hear your feedback on these apps – what works or doesn’t work for you.

These recommendations are made by Amanda Raichelle of iEmpowerU and are general ideas only. These apps may not be appropriate curriculum for your child or other individuals.  Before implementing these or any other changes, discuss these recommendations with your Behaviour Consultant, SLP, or other professionals involved.


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