May – apps we love

Here are the apps we’ve been talking about, recommending and downloading the most this month.

Choiceworks $14.99

A visual schedule with a 165 built in icons making it super easy to create visuals on the go. There are some great options like adding a timer to an activity and moving it to the ‘All Done’ column.

The app has other boards but we love the schedule boards. Save as many as schedules as you need and add your own photos to the library. The preloaded icons have a boy’s voice. For the icons you create you can record your own voice. Future updates will include the ability to record over the current icons, print and share boards as well as some other features to make it easier to access your boards when opening. The developer is committed to keeping this app beautifully simple and clear to use for everyone from parents using their first apps to therapists. That’s why we love it and think you will too!

If you’d like us to include a tutorial for this app in our next edition please comment 🙂

Adding Apples, Subtracting Sardines, Multiplying Acorns HD $0.99 each

Adding Apples and Subtracting Sardines are also available for iPhone/iPod Touch.

We love this series. The apps are simple, clear and fun. The big calculator buttons are inviting.

For addition and subtraction, press the first number and that’s how many apples or sardines appear. Keep going and  tap the next number. When you add in the Apples app more apples appear. When you subtract in the Sardines app the fish turn to bones! For multiplication in the Acorn app the first number makes the squirrels pop up and the second number gives them each acorns.

The next part is my favourite as the child can then tap on the manipulative to count them. Great kinetic learning!! A multiple choice box then appears to the right and the learner selects the answer. A right answer earns coins. A wrong answer results in a simple “m..m” audio, the correct answer is shown and the screen clears for the next equation.

In the settings you can change what the highest number on the calculator is or whether the screen automatically clears.  If you want to make this a closed ended activity select ‘check & lock correct answers”. The child will then need to use each number on the number pad and once they’ve done four equations there is a cheer. These apps allow for multiple users and track each users’ accuracy.

Heads up – on the subtraction app it teaches negatives and there is currently no way to turn this off. Another teaching feature that is needed is the number 0.

Kids think this one is fun. I think it’s great for teaching and for generalization. I also think it would be perfect in an inclusive setting so your child can also be working on math independently  (with headphones).

The Lorax – By Dr Seuss $4.99

Two big reasons why this book is the book of the month

1) With the release of the movie it is a great way for kids to connect with reading.

2) This book, like many from Oceanhouse Media (but not all) has the ‘tap to hear’ feature. This means when  you select ‘read it myself’ from the main menu and then you tap on the word in the book it will be read aloud. Great kinetic feature to help a child attend to the words they are on and helps children who are starting to read be independent when they can, then get help when they need it. There is also the option to have the whole book read aloud which makes it a perfect independent leisure activity for a child who is not yet reading.

Heads up – there are a few words (from the original book) that you may not find appropriate  or want your kids repeating – like ‘stupid’ and ‘shut up’. However this could also serve as a way to discuss these words, and the way that they are used in the book.

For the grown ups: Doc Scan HD free

Note: requires a built in camera

Use this app to snap a photo of a piece of paper and turn it into a PDF. It can even work with curled pages! Create multiple paged documents too. Perfect for quickly sending a data sheet to a consultant!

*Tips – use a different colour under the paper (a pile of papers makes it hard to pick up which one you want) and make sure the lighting is good. A grainy or blurry image can’t be cleaned up.

 Its our double digest first edition so that’s not all! Apps we love 2  

These recommendations are made by Amanda Raichelle of iEmpowerU and are general ideas only. These apps may not be appropriate curriculum for your child or other individuals.  Before implementing these or any other changes, discuss these recommendations with your Behavior Consultant or other professionals.


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