AAC Apps: Proloquo2go and TouchChat

Both Proloquo2go (P2G) and TouchChat are high quality Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) apps with a long list of features which allow the user to have a ‘voice’ for communication. The companies that make these apps have fantastic customer support and training through their website, emails and Facebook. There are manuals, cheat sheets and webinars. So if you want, and are able to take the time to learn, both companies are there to help.  So how do you choose?  After a debate that lasted all of June, here is what we noted are the largest distinguishing factors for the average user.

Both apps can be programmed to suit an individual’s needs, but it’s a question of what level a person is at, what the goals are, what features are the most important and how much support is available.  At iEmpowerU we look at not just the individual, but also their family and the community around them. So despite the pros and cons,  if someone has support from those who are more familiar with a certain app, then we would lean towards recommending that one. This community support would likely reduce the learning curve and it would be easier for the individual to access help in the future.

Here is a very simple customized page on P2G which includes the target and a blank distractor.

Here is a Touch Chat scene created by Amanda during her ‘learning curve’

Please note , these are all just guidelines to help sort it out. Often people use our services to do just that, figure out which one would be best. And we can then help you get started too 🙂


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