Proloquo2go 2.0

There are a lot of significant changes to Proloquo2go (P2G) with the release of 2.0 in June.

Here are my top 5 favourite new features:

1) Users.

There can now be multiple ‘users’ per device.

They can be quickly set up with pre-2.0 vocabulary (what you previously backed up), one of 2 pre made sets: core or basic, a copy of any existing user or even blank (so its easy to start from scratch).

There is the obvious use of having several learners sharing one device or to make it easy for a parent with multiple children using an AAC to have the right vocab on hand (i.e. when you are out in the community and only have the iPhone handy!). I also think that for some students they may benefit from having different ‘users’ for locations like school and home. This way the home profile can be easier for caregivers to navigate. Or what about a “things to probe” user so that the individual and/or tutors don’t accidentally play with folders meant for the consultant to use.

2) Editing

So simple and faster.

Create a new button in as few as 4 taps! Skip typing and use dictation (new iPad3) to say the word or phrase. Once the text is added, P2G picks the best picture to match the word but offers more in a bar below. You can always go pick your own but this quick add will make customizing so much easier!

Best part is when you are in edit mode the edit screen pops up from the bottom, splitting the screen between the page and edit bar. Select other buttons and folders to easily program everything on the page.

3) Free Positioning

The ability to put buttons anywhere on the page.

Yes, that means you don’t need to add blank buttons. Wherever there isn’t an icon it’s just the background.

Arrange icons across the screen in a row i.e.  field of 2 , or just randomly on the page.

Plus with ‘swap’ you can rotate the order of the buttons in a few quick taps.

4) Different View on Different Pages

One page can be a field of 8, another a field of 4. Perhaps the home page a field of 20, and the page of today’s schedule in a list view.  Love it.

5) New Voices

A boy and a girl voice, Harry and Rosie. Both British but being Canadian it fits. Nice to have the option for children.

There is also a female Indian English voice, Deepa. Also some fun modifications to Will that besides providing a good for laugh or two, may give someone the character they are looking for.

If you haven’t updated to 2.0, be sure to first back your vocab up to your computer through iTunes file sharing – this is a good idea to do every time you make any major changes, or once a month (set the reminder app!)

Assitiveware has some quick start guides. Here is the one for the basics.


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