TherAPPy Toy Box

There are a few ways to look at how to use an iDevice

1) this is your device, you use it.

2) this is your device, can we use it together?

3) this is my device, let’s use it together.

Different apps can be used in all three ways however when I go back to my roots of a therapist, #3 has a lot of potential with all of the apps that are available!

Now of course in an ideal world we might have 3 or more devices. Maybe you have your own device or maybe not but here are some tips to set up an iDevice as your “TherAPPy Toy”

– use a different case, stand or place on a coloured paper. Some visual to show the learner that this is different than ‘me’ time. Depending on the individual, I often go with a minimal or no case. This lends well to starting with “Because the iPad doesn’t have a case today I’m going to hold it and you can tell me what to do or ask to touch something”

– you keep control of the device, as the above rule stated. Just like my bin of toys that I bring for play and reinforcement. When I arrive if I hand the box to the child, then why would they have any reason to talk to me? Same applies with the iDevice.

– set a timer for reinforcer time. The learner can use your iPad to access the app they earned, but when the timer goes off, the iPad goes back to being yours. Apps like Screen Time lock out the iDevice after 10 min.

In the fall with the new operating system having Guided Access features (check out a short video or a longer video), this all might get a lot easier but until then I hope you start discovering what an amazing therAPPy toy an iDevice can be!


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