Locking the home button and other features with Guided Access

Have you updated to iOS 6 yet? In my books, the best new feature is Guided Access. It allows you to lock the home button as well as disable other touch features.

So, If you haven’t downloaded iOS 6 yet back up your iDevice then update!

Here’s a You Tube Video Tutorial for a quick overview

Here are the print directions:

Step 1) Turn on Guided Access

Go to settings –> General

Scroll down to the second to last item –> Accessibility

Under Learning, tap on ‘Guided Access’ –> turn on

Set a Passcode (if you don’t you will have to later over and over..)

If you want to save some batter life under  ‘Enable Screen Sleep’ –>  turn on

Step 2) Use the iPad with Guided Access

Open an app, like videos, and start watching.

Triple Click the home button

To disable the home button and all gestures to leave app,  simply click start in top right.

To disable ALL touch (plus home button):

At the bottom ‘Touch’ –> turn to ‘off’

The whole screen greys to show touch not available anywhere

Click Start

To disable some areas (plus home button):

Circle the areas on the screen. Adjust as needed by dragging or tapping ‘x’ to delete. Multiple areas can be circled. These areas now go grey showing touch not available.

Click start

*Guided Access will remember what you set up for each app 🙂

To end Guided Access:

Triple click home button

Enter passcode

Tap ‘end’ (top left)

close app normally

*If Guided Access malfunctions/freezes do a reset by holding the home button and on/off button for a few seconds. This should then take you to the lock screen, slide to unlock, then turn off guided access.

I hope this opens a world of possibilities for you like it did for us!


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