Review of Fall 2012 iPads and what to buy

This fall we have seen the release of another new iPad – 4th generation, and the highly anticipated mini iPad.

The most obvious new feature of the 4th generation iPad is the lighting connector which is used for charging and syncing. Unlike the classic 30 pin this plug has no up or down and stays in better. Once there are more things that are compatible (like a dock station) I will be very happy. And since all new devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mini) all have the same connector, it shouldn’t be too long…I hope.

Yes, the 4th generation is faster. But unless you are counting download speeds (a 5 min You Tube video loaded 15 sec faster than the 3rd generation) most people won’t notice the difference between the new A6X processor compared to the A5 that is still found in the 2nd generation iPad and the mini iPad.

I love the mini – in fact I love it so much I’m trying not to use it for fear that my beautiful retina display iPad will become just a glorified TV in bed. Why do I love the mini? Let me count the ways

1. Light weight – an iPad seems like a heavy paper weight at 662 grams (1.46 pounds) compared to the 312 grams (0.69 pounds) mini.

2. For less accurate fingers, the buttons are nicely spaced, unlike the iPhone/iPod Touch

3. You can hold it upright and take a photo with one hand, unlike the iPad

4. The size makes it easy to slip into a handbag or big pocket  vs. carrying a big purse or a backpack. For kids who needs to take their AAC with them everywhere this could be a huge perk!

5. The screen is big enough to share, but not so big that everyone in Starbucks can see what I’m looking at. I can see how this will also be a be a benefit in classroom settings.

6. It uses all the beautiful apps designed especially for the iPad but I also love that iPhone apps don’t blow up to be as painfully grainy.

7. It may no be a retina display but the pixels are more dense than the iPad 2. The mini has a pixel count of 786,432 (1024×768) compared to the iPhone 5’s pixel count of 727,040 (1136×640).

8.. It has Siri – unlike the 2nd gen iPad. For those who struggle to type, diction is amazing and Siri can save a lot of time when you talk nicely to her 🙂

9. The price point means you can get a 32GB mini for less than a 16G4th generation iPad (or a 64GB for less than a 32GB). With music, videos and the increasing size in iPad apps, the more space the better. And on another note – Canadian pricing is now the same as south of the border!

And the cons? Why something else may be better?

– minis are selling out

– its harder to find cases / less available a the moment

– you want a faster, bigger iPad 🙂

So which one do you buy? Need more info?

Here is Apple’s comparison

Here is another article with a good guideline chart for purchasing a mini based on what you already have – but note, I didn’t follow their recommendations so if you are looking for some personalized advice – that is what we are here for:


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