Sarah’s favourite home app

Sarah’s favourite app for use at home – HomeRoutines by Wunderbear (  This app is $3.99, and very worth it for the organization and sanity is has brought to my chaotic household.  It’s purpose is to streamline and organize your daily tasks, with a focus on housework chores, but it can be used in many ways because it is so customizable.  I can see clients who don’t need picture support using it for their to-do and task lists, as well as reminders and routines. The default is organized into times of the day with household tasks in each section.  Once a task is complete the user presses the star beside it and it appears in the ‘Accomplishments’ list.  It’s a great way to keep track of progress on a to do list.  Another great feature available in the latest update is the ability to sync the list between devices, and program it online.  You can add tasks for someone at home, or your client to complete without having to see them or take their iDevice away.  You can also see what they’ve accomplished without them knowing! Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 11.01.30 PM I have to quickly mention the ‘Focus Zones’ that are included by default in the app.  These encourage you to focus on an area of your home each week and clean it thoroughly.  It’s sometimes nice to be reminded that you need to clean out the lint traps, or clean under the stove.  Of course these can be ignored or changed depending on the purpose of the app as well.  In short a great organizational app with good support and very easy to use.


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