Get Practice with iOS 7 App Icons

Since Saturday’s meetup is to talk about the upcoming iOS 7 (being released Sept 18), we decided to share a customized board for a game – to get practice with the iOS 7 icons.

IMG_0073Bitsboard w iOS 7


If you haven’t already, download the free app Bitsboard (or the Pro version with all games unlocked). Then you can download our customized board.

iOS 7

1) Tap on the + to “add board”

2) Select “View Catalogue”

3) In the top right search box type: iOS 7

4) You will see the board by Tap to Download

bitsboard iOS 7 settings

If you only want to target a few icon pictures you can use the app’s settings to go into the board, edit, and use the checkmark feature to turn off/on different items.

We used Siri’s voice so feel free to customize your board with your own voice.

The Bitsboards games we use the most are Flashcards, PhotoTouch and Match Up.

We will be helping clients set up this and other games on Saturday and over the next few days. Let us know if you need any help.

We hope you find this game a helpful way to start the switch to iOS 7!


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