Osmo – Worth the hype?

Are you looking for a gift for a tech-interested kid on your list?  Something that they’ll find engaging, but that will also teach them a thing or two?  Perhaps you’ve seen a video about Osmo and wondered if it really works!

We wondered too, so we tried Osmo.  It was a really enjoyable, hands-on way to play with the iPad.  It works amazingly, knowing which tiles you’ve placed in front and providing the appropriate feedback.  It’s easy to set up on the iPad and works universally with different generations of iPads, no need to figure out which device they have! Keep in mind, the iPad does need to be out of any kind of case in order to be go on the Oslo stand.

Sarah is more of a word-game lover, and learned that the levels on the ‘Words’ game – all the way up to ‘Impossible’ – would be fun for any age and stage of learning.  This level involves spelling the word that is illustrated in the background.  It’s great for spelling for young kids, and to learn some new vocabulary for older ones, and adults. You can even design your own word lists.

Amanda, a fan of puzzles, enjoyed the Tangram game, and again felt that with the various level of support and hints anyone could enjoy the game.  This one involves creating a picture on the screen with the coloured, differently shaped tiles.  Depending on the level it gives you more to less feedback about the tiles that you have correct as you place them. At the hardest level some of the puzzles took a day to figure out – without using the accumulated points for hints 😉

Osmo would be a great game in pairs or individually in a school, as well as for some extra learning and fun at home. We’ve played with a handful of kids and they all loved it too. It’s designed for school-aged kids and up – there are games for Kindergarten-level learners to start with. The kids in Grade 1 and older really get into it.

If you want more information check out the videos at: http://www.playosmo.com.  We picked up our Osmo for $79 at the Apple Store. If you want to try it feel free to contact us for a consultation!


At the hardest level you only see if the shapes are in the right places after all the pieces are in the correct place to make the picture.


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