About Us

iEmpowerU was created by two women who work together in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

iempoweru girls

Sarah “techimom” and Amanda “gadgetgirl”

Tech iMom” Sarah Gauthier has a background in Rehabilitation Assistant and has worked in Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech Language Pathology and has specialized in Speech and Language.

Gadget Girl”  Amanda Raichelle has a background in Early Childhood Education, Applied Behavior Analysis intervention for children with autism and support work in schools.

They also have experience with transition planning, supporting adults, and foster parenting. They both have family members with  cognitive, developmental and/or physical disabilities. 

These women saw the potential in iDevices but were frustrated by the lack of services in the community. The information available seemed overwhelming, but also lacking. They saw individuals and families spending funds to purchase iDevices, but then not being able to use them. So they decided to help change things

Their hope is that by sharing their skills, knowledge and passion that they can help inspire and empower you


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