What is an iDevice?

iDevice in its widest sense, is an unofficial general term that can refer to any mobile electronic devices marketed by Apple Inc. that start with “i”, such as the iPodiPhoneiPod Touch, andiPad,[1] or more specifically any of their devices (sometimes then referred to as iOS devices) that use the iOS operating system, such as the Apple TV.[2][3]

Why iDevices? What about the Android Market or other operating Systems (OS)?

  • “Gradually, apps for people with autism or other special needs for devices based on Google’s Android operating system are emerging. The list is short if you compare it with the list of applications for the iPad”
  •  “(It) is worthwhile to mention that some well-known developers of iPhone/iPad apps have decided to release some of their apps for Android.”
  • Feb 20, 2012 90 apps for android
  • March 18, 2012 500 apps for Apple iOS! 

Various posts form

When we started in 2012 these stats persuaded us to focus on Apple products. Personally , as a “gadget girl” I was slow to convert to Apple products as I like to be able to tinker and customize with Android. But the list for apps on iOS kept growing rapidly and  the ‘coolness’ factor for my client convinced me try it..then I fell in love with all the accessibility features built into Apple products which helps to make them so user friendly.


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