Q & A

Q: Are you a third party retailer?  When you make recommendations do you get a profit from the companies?

A: No. We don’t receive a financial benefit from the apps and products that we  recommend. Some companies gift us apps or products to try but we also purchase many ourselves in order to test them out.

Our recommendations come from our own values and experience.  We are moms so we want something that meets our family’s budget, and at the same time is the kind of product we feel good about our kids using. We are professionals so our standards are pretty high.  Most importantly we don’t like to cookie cut our recommendations, or suggest something because it’s ‘what we know’.  We are always learning and trying out new apps!


Q: If I get an iPad and a AAC app will my child will learn to communicate?

A: Yes and No. An iPad is simply a tool.  We collaborate with Speech and Language Pathologist, Behaviour Consultants, therapists, teachers, and parents. We have found that a team approach helps people get the most out of their devices. Communication is a great goal that an iDevice can help with. Like all communication, even babies first learning to talk, it takes time and practice.

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