Magazine App

Flipboard is becoming my go to magazine app. If you are not familiar with these types of apps they pull information from a variety of sources in the Internet; blogs, websites, RRS feeds, magazines and even YouTube. You select your areas of interest and Voila! A personalized magazine.

I like the more text based format of Zite but typically recommend Flipboard for clients who need more visual based. There are a few other similar apps but whatever you chose they are great way to browse through information and can be a nice leisure skill.  By using the accessibly feature to speak auto text, even non-readers can enjoy the articles.

The newest update on Flipboard brought in an awesome new feature – the ability to creature your own magazine! I feel like there is some great potential here for individuals to share their ideas with peers or community.

Of course I couldn’t resist starting my own magazine! The link is in the headline or in Flipboard search: iEmpowerU

🙂 Amanda